the protection of a hard case...

the convenience of a gig-bag!

About us

At Guit-Harness we are dedicated to delivering high quality products that make the travelling musicians life easier, more efficient, more ergonomic... in a word, better!

Founded in 2014, we are currently accepting inquiries from music merchandise outlets that are interested in becoming authorized resellers of Guit-Harness. Interested retailers can contact us here.

If you are interested in the inspiration for Guit-Harness, be sure to read Our Story!.

We are very excited about our products and know that anyone who carries a guitar farther than across the room, will benefit from Guit-Harness.

Our Story

I am a musician....a part-time professional, and a dedicated one. While I was in corporate America, my job caused me to travel pretty regularly. Travel meant time away from home, family, and guitars!

After a few years of travel, I realized that when I was on the road for more than a day or two, I got pretty antsy, and I finally figured out that it was because I didn't have my evening ritual of unwinding with my guitar (pronounced "therapy").

I started looking in to traveling with a guitar. I considered travel guitars, but, never really liked them. I looked into whether I could "carry-on" versus checking the guitar. Anyone who has ever traveled with a guitar knows that, regardless of your plan, the airlines have all the control, and can make you do things that make you (or me at least) check your guitar whether you want to, or not! I used to try and "gate-check" my guitar, where you carry the guitar through the airport, and let them hand carry it to the cargo hold from the gate, then they return the guitar to the jet-ramp when you reach your next destination. Seemed like a good approach until at several gates I was informed that "we don't do that, we will check it through to the final destination only!"

To make a long story, somewhat longer.... I realized that no matter what I wanted to do (short of buying a seat for my guitar), the airline was going to do what they wanted. So, faced with this reality, I quickly realized that a gig-bag, if it was subjected to the crushing-machines known as the luggage handling systems used in most airports, would likely render my guitar, well... let's just say, un-usable. If you aren't sure what I mean, consider these two videos Loudon Wainwright III - Unfriendly Skies, and Dave Carroll - United Breaks Guitars!.

So you (or me in this case) Mr. travelling musician, are left with a conundrum. I have to keep my guitar in a hard-case to even hope of protecting it, which means that I now have to dedicate one-hand to carry the case. This difficulty of travelling this way was illustrated to me when, on a trip, I was walking through Dallas-Fort Worth Terminal A, carrying a briefcase, a guitar case, a cup of coffee ('cause I'm so addicted!). I was doing a remarkable job of balancing these things (if I do say so myself), while still making my way to my next gate, cell phone rang! I had already run out of hands just trying to get to the gate and the result, to say the least, was not pretty! This experience left me thinking "there's got to be a better way"!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention!

Well, after quite a bit of thought, research, and prototypes, I believe we have created the better way! Guit-Harness is a simple strapping system that converts your hard-case into a back-pack, freeing your hands for coffee, phones, etc., without giving up protecting your instrument (ala gig-bag)! Quite frankly, with Guit-Harness, you get...

The protection of a hard case...

the convenience of a gig-bag!


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The protection of a hard case...

the convenience of a gig-bag!